KDM Massage & Wellness Centre | About
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The founder and senior practitioner at KDM Massage & Wellness Centre is Kathleen, or as she is more affectionately known, Kat.

Kat was always driven to become a massage therapist but waited until after having a family to pursue that dream. She has since gone on to complete several accredited courses at some of the most highly regarded institutes in the field, including the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy. She has also completed specialty certificates in the areas of pregnancy & fertility massage as well as dry needling. To expand on her passion for a holistic approach to body wellness, Kat is currently undergoing training in Hypnosis in order to be able to offer another branch of support in your overall wellbeing.

After practicing at a large natural health clinic for several years and having gained invaluable experience, Kat decided it was time to branch out on her own and fulfil her own dreams for a massage & wellness clinic that would provide specialised services and a more holistic approach to body work & general wellbeing. What started as a solo massage practitioner practice has grown into something unexpected and see’s the clinic expanding and offering so much more.

We are excited for the future at KDM Massage & Wellness Centre and look forward to supporting you in your ongoing health & wellbeing.