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Remembering to look after myself

Remembering to look after myself

Sometimes life gets busy and we often forget to make ourselves a priority. As a remedial therapist I like to think of myself as a sort of wellness coach, someone who offers support and guidance to my clients in order for them to obtain their goals, whether that is injury prevention or rehab, stress & anxiety management, working with fertility issues or supporting them through pregnancy. Sometimes though, I am guilty of not always practicing what I preach so to speak. 

For myself, school holidays are a bit of a juggling act and more often than not it is my self-care that gets pushed aside in order to keep things rolling. These school holidays, all 6 weeks of them, I stopped going to gym and I started eating less healthy, more convenient food. And boy does it show! I have gained….well let’s just say I have gained a couple of kg’s and I can feel that I am less fit, less flexible and just generally feeling less healthy. 

So this week I have started fresh. New Year, new business, new focus. I have been to a zumba class and a session at the gym. I have looked at my eating habits and have restocked the fridge with healthy snacks. I am seeing the Chiro today and booking in for a spa treatment next week. I have realised over time that in order to look after my children well and be the best version of myself and set good examples for them, I have to make myself a priority and make sure that I take care of myself as well. 

I am fortunate that my trainer at the gym is ACE and was very kind, she said not to stress on the past and let’s just move forward. Bless her for not making me feel guilty or horrible about the time I had off. We as women and mothers beat ourselves up enough and too often society makes us feel even more like failures. We will often “fall off the wagon” but all we can do is pick ourselves up and start again.